Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile and Enterprise application developement company

Rose India Technologies provides a wide range of technology solutions for meeting any type of complex business need. With our proven methodology and skilled talent we ensure outstanding quality of all our projects. Rose India is a fast growing IT services company in the SME sector that caters to all technology needs, locally as well as globally. We have successfully harnessed all emerging technologies to give an edge to our client's offerings by combining unmatched quality with performance.

iOS development

Apple iOS is the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, our team designs, develops, releases and maintains the applications for our clients.

Android development

We develop high quality  WebRTC, voice communication, news, financial and business application for the Android devices.

Windows Phone development

Windows Phone operating system provides the tools and API for development of wide range of applications for public and business users.

Ruby on Rails development

Ruby on Rails is rapid application development framework for developing and deploying heavy traffic web applications with ease. RoR comes with extensive libraries.

JavaScript development

JavaScript is client side library that runs in browser, we expertise in interface design, component development and development of application using various JavaScript frameworks.

Responsive web design

Responsive website is now a industry standard and all the new website developed keeping responsiveness in mind. We offer responsive website development services.

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Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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