Rose India

Rose India Technologies
Rose India Technologies provides a wide range of technology solutions for meeting any type of complex business need. With our proven methodology and skilled talent we ensure outstanding quality of all our projects. Rose India is a fast growing IT services company in the SME sector that caters to all technology needs, locally as well as globally. We have successfully harnessed all emerging technologies to give an edge to our client’s offerings by combining unmatched quality with performance.

Rose India ensures complete customer satisfaction by reducing operating costs and boosting service value. It pays to partner Rose India Technologies. Through our quality management processes we ensure greater profitability by enhancing your business processes, operational efficiencies and reducing response times.

Whether it is Insurance, Banking, Capital Market, Enterprise Resource Planning or E-Governance, Rose India offers complete range of business solutions on a single platform. Rose India is already the leading online tutorial provider for all technologies and industry leaders vouch for its tutorials.


Rose India Technologies truly believes in the saying, “There can be no great company without great people”, and towards this end has a highly skilled, committed and passionate workforce, which is our greatest asset. Our teams have diverse skills and expertise in different domains ranging from web development to project management, with unwavering integrity to deliver the ultimate solutions to our clients.

Why Rose India?

Rose India Technologies is firmly committed to the Production Preparation Process (3P) to eliminate unnecessary waste in product and process design. Our design and production process require the minimum resources-time, material and capital. This results in Rose India products and solutions that are easier to maintain and use.

Our 3P approach involves the following steps:

  • Defining Product or Process Design and its Objectives
  • Diagramming
  • Finding and Analysing Examples in Nature
  • Sketching and Evaluating the Complete Process
  • Building, Presenting, and Selecting Process Prototypes
  • Holding Design Review
  • Developing Project Implementation plan
  • Following the 3P approach enables us to meet all client needs in the best possible way with the least wastage.