Rose India

Custom Application Development
Whether you are looking for web-based applications involving the latest technologies, systems software, client applications Rose India offers all solutions under a single roof. Our solutions are completely customised to suit your needs. This is ensured by involving the client at each stage of the development process thus keeping costs down and optimising the application development time. Our dedicated team of programmers, testers, and project managers ensure the highest quality of the end software. We not only unique web designing services but also database management, website development and open source customisation services. Our software’s are customised to suit your requirement unlike off the shelf commercial software solutions compel the process to mould into the software.

Custom software application development can turn out to be a complex, costly and extensive process if the development process is poorly managed resulting in cost and time overruns. Companies are always concerned about the software’s scalability, performance, security, support and maintenance.

Rose India team has years of expertise in the analysis, design, development, testing and support of custom software applications. Our technology expertise ensures quality and results within time and budget parameters. We use the latest technologies to develop custom software applications that meet your business needs.

During custom software development our team prefers to start with the need assessment and then customize our solution according to the client requirement. Our project managers and technical experts ensure that your requirements are clearly defined and successfully implemented throughout the project lifecycle. Our processes focus on early and ongoing user involvement via screen designs and user analysis.

One of our key competitive advantages in the software development field is our blend of onshore and offshore resources. Our onshore technology experts work in cycle with a talented pool of offshore designers and developers to ensure successful completion of your project. This means you get all the quality, face-to-face, personal service that your project demands while taking advantage of a global resource model.

Our range of custom software solutions includes:
  • Business Applications
  • Business Process Automation
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Client Extranets
  • Employee Intranets
  • E-commerce Applications