Rose India

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Rose India is committed to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process in order to develop stronger bonds and long-lasting relationship with all our clients. For us CRM is not a technological tool to be followed mechanically rather a constant endeavour to offer complete satisfaction to our clients so that they return to Rose India for their future IT projects and needs.

We employ vTiger CRM process to help streamline our clientís customer business interactions, maximise their sales and improve their customer service. Through our vtiger CRM process you can maximize business from your leads, convert your potential customers to actual buyers and drive up sales.

If you desire better marketing campaign management our vtiger CRM approach can help you achieve just that and even run mass personalized email campaigns while tracking your campaign effectiveness at all times.

Our vtiger CRM approach will also enable better inventory management and control. You can easily generate and track quotes, invoices and sales orders and also streamlines your order processing and its fulfilment.

Any company thrives on the basis of a satisfied and happy clientele. We understand this better than most and hence Rose Indiaís CRM process can track and qualitatively improve your customer service while monitoring customer service levels regularly to elevate your customerís experience.

Thus using Rose Indiaís CRM vtiger process enables easy management of:
  • Leads, accounts and contacts
  • Sales opportunities
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer support and service
  • Inventory, quotes, invoices, security and more