Rose India

ECommerce to be successful has to be backed by trusted, easy to use online portal. Rose India understands your needs like no other e-commerce solutions provider. We provide integrated, secure and cost effective E-Commerce solutions for all businesses whether small, mid or large-sized. Our solutions are aimed at building trust between your business and your clients, an important pre-requisite to any successful online selling business. The shopping carts are designed to be fully functional with wide features and customisation options.

Rose India e-commerce solutions ensures flexible payment options for your customers using credit cards, PayPal or Cash-on-Delivery (CoD). Our software’s feature full session tracking and reporting management to fine tune your product offerings to customer needs. Our catalog design is search engine friendly to display your site prominently in all search engines. All in all our ECommerce solutions offer least cost services with constant revenue enhancement.

Rose India e-Commerce services and solutions include:
  • E-Store
  • Fully featured Shopping Cart
  • E-billing and real time billing calculation
  • Customer account maintenance with session tracking and reporting
  • Automated Email sales confirmation
  • Payment Gateway Integration