Rose India

Today’s governance has to be not just networked but also SMART (Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Accountable). Rose India E-Governance solutions ensure this very objective by employing a wide range on network and multimedia technologies to enable citizens to easily access government services online anytime, anywhere. Apart from this we also offer automation solutions for all your Budgeting, Financing, Inventory Management, HR/Administration and Project Management needs. Our E-governance solutions are designed to provide optimal benefits in terms of Citizen-2-Government (G2C), Government-2-Business (G2B) and Government-2-Government (G2G) transactions.

Rose India E-Governance Solutions cover the following areas:
  • Public Utilities: Telephone, Police, Electricity etc.
  • Rural Services: Identifying and maintaining Land Records, Agriculture etc
  • Social Services: License Registration and Certificate Issuance, Pension, Birth Certificates etc.
  • Public Information: Government Notifications, Forms and Schemes