Rose India

Embedded Development
Rose India is a provider of embedded software services, underpin by years of experience from working with embedded control systems in the Automotive, Networking, Telecom, Wireless, consumer electronics, medical, and control systems industries including software project management, requirement analysis, system analysis, software development, testing, integration and maintenance. Rose India provides businesses with a professional embedded solution services enabling clients to reduce time to market by remaining focused on their core competencies. The services of are designed to meet the client’s business needs including their customers.

Rose India Embedded Development Services include:
  • Understanding eCos architecture: kernel, hardware abstraction layer, and other components
  • Preparing your eCos embedded development environment
  • Incorporating additional open source tools for a complete embedded software development environment
  • Working with exceptions, interrupts, and virtual vectors
  • Managing threads and synchronization
  • Utilizing the eCos networking stack, I/O system, and file system
  • Covering additional eCos functionality, including third-party open source contributions
  • Using RedBoot, the standardized embedded debug and bootstrap solution
  • Porting eCos to new hardware platforms