Rose India

Retail is now days growing popular concept of business expansion. Most of business house opening their retail stores in several metros and small towns in order to cash out the benefits by reaching isolated target audiences by using market segmentation Retail chains, hotels, and restaurants typically have a large number of stores located in remote places that work without constant communication with their headquarters.

These branches can be much more productive if they had constant access to corporate information systems and management. Moreover, these isolated remote branches cannot easily share their unique reports and information with corporate headquarter office. Until recent last few years, communication between the corporate office and remote offices was very weak.

By building enterprise solutions for retail Rose India delivers the key benefits:
  • Improved employee satisfaction by automating manual processes.
  • Maximized employee productivity by implementing different retail industry solutions.
  • Increased corporate-wide collaborations using E-commerce, Reporting, RFID, portal, web-based and mobile solutions.
  • Reduced costs on maintenance IT Solutions through reengineering legacy applications for the Web and mobile solutions.
  • Increased sales and improved decision-making process by providing timely information for better management.