Rose India

Our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology
We follow a rigorous 6-step software development method to obtain the best results in the least time. Little wonder then we have received such favourable customer feedbacks and reviews that would make any competitor envious of our success.

Project Planning: Every successful project begins with the right approach. In this introductory stage we assess our clients needs, their customerís needs and preferences, the resource requirement, work groups and so on.

Design: In the design stage our developers and project manager collaborate to work out a rough plan of the software required including its preliminary details. Next the technology platform including the programming language is decided to take care of the productís coding and time schedule. The project manager then decides the workflow to streamline the activities of the concerned workgroups.

Implementation: In this all-important stage we follow a combination of the traditional and iterative SDLC approach. What it means is that after assessing the project requirements our developers finish the given part of the project and present it for approval to the project manager. Whereas in some other cases each project part is presented to the testers before proceeding further. While some projects require the combination of the two approaches.

Testing: The software testing process followed at Rose India is both comprehensive and thorough to identify and eliminate all bugs and errors from the final product to ensure hassle free operation of the service or product. The initial testing is done not by our testers rather by developers not part of the work team that created the module. After this stage our testers look for any errors and bugs and suggest fixes for the same. We carry out various types of testing like stress, load, integrity tests and so on to deliver you a product that operates flawlessly, day in and day out.

Acceptance: For us acceptance refers to not just acceptance by our clients but by their customerís as well, after all if user for whom the product is not satisfied then how can we? Also the acceptance process becomes easier by the fact that our clients are kept involved and informed at all stages of product development to avoid last minute surprises. You will only be surprised at the amazing quality of the final product, nothing less.

Maintenance & Support: Rose India offers dedicated after-sales product support. We strive to constantly improve our products by rectifying any glitches that may crop up over a course of time. We even offer long duration maintenance contracts for products developed by us or by a third party. For detailed information on support and maintenance kindly refer to the support section.