Rose India

Software Outsourcing Methodology
Rose India Software Outsourcing Methodology enables client to maximize the benefits by optimizing offshore contribution. This methodology can be readily applied to deliver a range of software services through offshore model.
It is very important for the company and for the clients to identify the right project and approach followed while outsourcing software. The methodology of Rose India includes feasibility test and requirements study in deferent phase in order to identify suitable projects or processes. This helps in defining a roadmap of project execution.

Approach Of Rose India:

Stage I:
  • Document current business situation and benefits sought
  • Inventory of key processes and applications
  • Evaluate offshore ability of applications and processes using statistical analysis based on:

    • Technology used
    • Skill availability
    • Onsite-work content
    • Mission Criticality
    • Complexity
    • Support/Helpdesk requirements

  • Identify applications and projects for off-shoring and prepare a roadmap
  • Develop a high level business case
  • Identify pilot project opportunities

Stage II Pilot Testing:


  • Define scope of work, project plan and staffing plan
  • Staff a core team
  • Establish a lifecycle model and shared processes between MIND and client
  • Setup project environment
  • Organize training and orientation for both onsite and offshore teams
  • Initiate knowledge transfer process

Stage III - Steady state

Key objective:

To scale up the offshore outsourcing activities


  • Establish dedicated offshore development center with a core team.
  • Provide support and helpdesk services
  • Ramp up team as per project/process requirements