Rose India

System Programming
Rose India professionals are Systems programming and OS Porting experts to deliver the most suitable solution to our clients in a cost and time effective manner. Rose India has enough experience in designing and developing embedded operating systems and system management modules right from the operating system core to the middle ware and user interfaces. The main complexity insystemprogramming arises during the sharp increase in requirements and at that time efficient developer skills matter.Systems programming demands detailed understanding of operational systems, protocols, drivers and we are proud to state that we are highly qualified in all the requisite technology domains.

We offer services in the following areas:
  • Device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Drivers for broadband multimedia, audio and video applications
  • Drivers for modern bus systems such as USB, IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire or i.Link and Blue tooth
  • Integrating device drivers into the operating system according to a given interface, e.g. DirectX, DirectShow, NDIS, TAPI, CAPI, USBDI
  • USB application development for Windows & Linux
  • USB device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Encryption technologies
  • File Systems like CIFS, NFS iSCSI, FC/IP
  • Volume management, Replication
  • File Access Protocols
  • Middleware kernel, system databases, CLI, interface layers
  • Configuration Management
  • Smart card applications
  • Porting of Application & Device Driver for 64 Bit
  • Network performance management and monitoring
  • Statistics gathering and report generation
  • Security management involving access control, identifying sensitive network resources, monitoring of user access and authorization
  • System-level Windows applications and function libraries